#10 Controlling vs. Caring Partner | Abuse Allies with Danielle Esplin Podcast

Is your partner controlling you or does he/she just care? Listen to this podcast episode to get your answer.

What is the difference between someone who cares about you, and someone who's controlling? What are the signs? What is toxic? What is okay? Where do you draw the line? Listen to The Bulletproof Club's latest episode to gain some clarity on this subject. Join our brand new mastermind group today! (LIMITED SEATS)

In this episode, we discuss the following:

[00:00] Intro

[01:06] Caring vs. Controlling Partners

[02:23] Fine line between caring & controlling partners

[03:59] Behaviors of a controlling partner

[04:00] 1. Demanding Change

[04:22] 2. Trust Issues

[04:49] 3. Chronic Criticism

[05:39] 4. Requiring Constant Disclosure

[06:19] 5. Longing for the happy days

[06:47] 6. Double Standards

[07:37] 7. Expecting the worst from you

[08:23] 8. Unwilling to hear your side

[09:10] 9. Holding you back

[09:46] 10. Giving you ultimatums

[10:27] 11. Jealousy

[10:47] 12. Fighting and having the fear to disagree

[11:23] 13. Threats

[11:43] 14. Isolation

[11:51] Food for thought

[14:25] Outro

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