The Bulletproof Club has tailored programs, packages, video content, online assessments, workbooks, mastermind groups and one-on-one mentoring to provide answers, clarity and life-changing steps to transform lives. 

The Bulletproof Club is a solution-oriented organization that identifies obstacles and problematic situations to clarify goals, give clear direction, and to build an action plan to develop clients potential to achieve extraordinary lives.


Danielle Esplin is a South African American published author, entrepreneur, certified life coach, motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, and actress.


She is the founder, CEO, and head coach at The Bulletproof Club. Danielle is an expert in movement psychology, and she uses her extensive background in Chemistry and Biology to provide a brand new approach to the dynamics of relationships and abusive situations. She's helped hundreds of survivors and victims of abuse.


After Danielle endured years of challenges and difficulties, she decided to change her life. She traveled across the world from South Africa and arrived in America with only a couple of dollars in hand. Today Danielle has built an empire. She uses her online presence to raise awareness and to help the victims of abuse.


After years of research and hard work, Danielle started to collect data from across the world to tailor the packages seen on The Bulletproof Club. She's a firm believer that one shoe does not fit all, so she focuses on individual cases by using her expertise in movement psychology to provide clarity and closure, which in return creates an environment for healing.

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